Ros Fie

Ros Fie aka Fie EH!


Pix by Fariz Jasman

Don’t let his creepy smile fool you, this Singaporean skater is more than a just pretty face. He’ll beat you down any hill and will teach you anything if you are willing to learn. We refer to Ros Fie and his wife Shasha as the royal couple of longboarding in Singapore. So next time you’re in Singapore be sure to stop by Longboard Love Skate Shop and do a little curtsey!

Why longboarding?

527451_518377004850089_619775433_n by POSTE

Pix by Poste98

Longboarding is the way of life.

What’s your current setup?

LY TopSpeed 36, Super Gator Grip, PSD Footstop, K4 182mm Aera hanger & K3 46 Aera baseplate, RAD Wheels, Tektons, Riptide bushings

Best place you’ve skated?

Newtons Nation, Australia & Mantin, Malaysia

Your worst injury?

Tore my knee ligament (ACL) & crashed into a guardrail at Mantin going 70km/h!!

Favourite skate tunes?

RJD2 1976

Kevin Reimer

Tell us a secret.

Farhan Hanif is my long lost brother. I need to put my wife to sleep before going for night skating… I LOVE MY WIFE TO THE CORE!!

What do you do when you’re not skating?

Work, work & work…


Pix by Poste98

Any advice for beginners reading this?

Hey you!! No!! Not her, YOU!! What are you doing?? GO OUT AND SKATE!!

What do you hope to achieve in the next year?

Just hoping that I’m still able to skate with my buddies. The joy is unexplainable, it is so much better than winning.

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