Naqib Idris

Naqib Idris aka Qibster


Qibster a.k.a. Mr Fucked Up Shoulder was one of the first few longboarders who started skating in Malaysia. It may have taken him two years to core his first set of wheels (Yellow retro freerides!!), but he’s grown so much since then. We love his sketchy style and his curly long hair. This bowl master can usually be found lurking at the Shah Alam bowls when he isn’t busy tweeting his Lilypad.

Why longboarding?

Longboarding is freedom. There’s no other feeling like drifting around on a board.

What’s your current setup?


Pix by Rosman Jantan

Arbor Prodigy + Paris 180s + Classic Freerides / Rayne Phantom + Indy 169s + Street Hawgs

Best place you’ve skated?

I really liked the “now-forbidden” BU Hill.

Your worst injury?

Fractured ankle while trying to skate a miniramp.

Favourite skate tunes?

Too many to name! Uhh Bombay Bicycle Club, Shigeto, Bloc Party, Four Tet, Burial, Nujabes, XXYYXX, Tokyo Ska Paradise…

Who do you look up to skate-wise?

Billy Bones, Ethan Cochard, Lotfi Lamaali, Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, Kilian Martin


Tell us a secret

I get scared of speed sometimes.

What do you do when you’re not skating?

Reading, hunting for music, drawing, Toribash.

Any advice for beginners reading this?

Learn all you can from a piece of plank before you start buying new shit.

What do you hope to achieve in the next year?

Switch toesides and like all those kickflips and shit.

Watch Naqib:


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