21755_305559982879573_714112442_nThe other half of the Afu-Khaseib combo, this guy represents the stoke of Team FY! Believe it or not, we don’t actually know his full name but we still love his pretty face. He can be pretty quiet during sessions but once you get to know him, he will melt your wheels!

Why longboarding?

Longboarding is just awesome beyond words can explain. Just need to try it out to understand. Its literally like “concrete surfing”, on road. The idea of keeping yourself on the board at speeds, while maintaining your composure and being in control of your traction, is just Priceless!! I love the Stoke feeling after every run, which makes me love Longboarding even more!

Its also a way of life that keeps you healthy and fit, and constantly testing your capabilities and limits. Plus it gets you from point A to point B, with extra Steeze! The fun feeling that you get is beyond comprehension. Plus you also get to make new friends and family!

What’s your current setup?K

Rayne Fortune + Caliber trucks 50s + These wheels

Best place you’ve skated?

KKB- All 3 spots and Janda Baik and, Mantin.

Your worst injury?

Dislocated right shoulder while doing 2 hands shut down slide. Puck gets stuck on concrete, and dislocated it again.

Favourite skate tunes?

Just as long the song suits the skate video

Who do you look up to skate-wise?

Patrick Switzer, James Kelly, Kyle Chin, Ethan Cochard, Kevin Reimer, Justin Ortez, Dandoy and Gruponopo guys.

Tell us a secret.

When you get speed wobbles, just ride it out and stay cool. You got it under control.


What do you do when you’re not skating?

When im not skating i will be thinking of skating by watching skate videos, and skate stuff.

Any advice for beginners reading this?

Always wear helmet and pads. Know your board, setup, limits and abilities before going downhill. Know what to expect on the road, like how other cars and bikes behave on d road. Always have respect for each other and be humble, and prove to yourself and not to others because your life is on the line.

What do you hope to achieve in the next year?

Long Stand up slides, speed checks- toeside & heelside, and fast pre-drifts and basically fast freeriding and Podium any race.

Watch Khaseib:

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