269238_333091883459716_44497078_nIzhar used to street skate doing massive ollies and kickflips. Don’t get me wrong he’s pretty good at it too. But after seeing some skating a longboard he decided to try it and was hooked ever since. Using his skateboarding background, he’s been popping ollies and shuvits on his longboard like nobody’s business.

Why longboarding?181466_2997740800505_1433121906_n

Because i don’t do inline

What’s your current setup?

Grease shark, 44 Cals, Abec11 Gumballs, Sector9 Nineballs.

Best place you’ve skated?

10k at night!

Your worst injury?

Fractured my right ankle.

Favourite skate tunes?


Who do you look up to skate-wise?

Matt k, Kyle Martin, Pudin lbdr. haha.

Tell us a secret425702_2551125915412_1894362998_n

Hate toeside

What do you do when you’re not skating?


Any advice for beginners reading this?

Erm. Be nice. Treat everyone equally. Don’t be cocky!


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