Dian Shazwan

Dian Shazwan aka Benjamin Kelly

1011532_386027024832868_1413461355_nHe may seem cute on the outside but as Farhan describes him “muka comel tapi perangai buruk” (Google translate that shit). He cooks some mean ass BBQ and sweats so much when he skates it could fill an ocean. Dian is the poster boy of our giveaways so when you see his face you know something good is coming your way!

Why longboarding?485471_341602849275286_1148669926_n

I never had this kind of satisfaction whenever I tried a new sport, so longboarding is th first one, this one crazy bruv, also my college mate introduced me to it, at first I thought I would never gonna b able to ride it since I never skate n wouldnt even think of buying it.

First ride, with em mambu boys, alam damai, no gloves, no helmet, no pads, using Adam’s bambusa board, I thought I can nail that hill but unfortunately, I fell. Road rashes were everywhere, from that moment I know I can’t stop n I did not till today . Peace, freedom, satisfaction, that’s why longboarding.

What’s your current setup?

Prodigy, 44′ calibers, venom bushings, my very first mambu bearings, 4prezzz.

Best place you’ve skated?

Only in Malaysia so far, Mantin, KKB freeride, Jabor, RIMBA ALAM, 10K.

Your worst injury?

It seems like every fall was th same, haha. Maybe th first fall, deep, white, here n there rashes.

Favourite skate tunes?

The Expandables – Sacrifice n moreee.

Who do you look up to skate-wise?

Ethan cochard, james kelly, Mr. Louie, bad ass liam, Mike fitter. Em local boys!

Tell us a secret.MAckie Mac

That fall that I went through in 10k, where it was recorded in one of the TFY video, ‘janda boek’, it’s because I was too stoned and underestimated the hill itself, too bad I wasn’t even close, padan muka.

What do you do when you’re not skating?

Family time, loved ones, friends, work.

Any advice for beginners reading this?

Skate safe, it will definitely take u longer, both in speed n slides.

What do you hope to achieve in the next year?

Events, outlaws, lb shops are everywhere here in Malaysia. Can even make a living out of it, danggg.


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