Ching Ho

Ching Ho

Pix by Zulfaiz Zulkini

Pix by Zulfaiz Zulkini

The one behind the camera has more battle scars than both yours and mine combined. She’s tough like your exam paper and faster than your common sense! Say hello to the only “man” in the team and the one who watches over the heard, Mama Ching.


Pix by Poste98

Why longboarding?

Because it has opened a new world of opportunities for me. I’ve met some of my closest friends, travelled to amazing places. Oh yeah and it’s pretty damn fun too.

What’s your current setup?

Jati Miho, Bear Precisions, Riptide Bushings and RAD Advantages for downhill or Otang Stims for freeride.

Best place you’ve skated?

Mt Keira & Skeenes, Australia / Haven’s Gate, Philippines and Jabor, Malaysia.

Your worst injury?

Dislocated my wrist, multiple concussions, burnt a hole in my knee.

Favourite skate tunes?

Koi, The Smiths, Streetlight Manifesto, Tool,

Who do you look up to skate-wise?

Brianne Davies & Pedro Escarda

10086_359366110832293_262388683_nTell us a secret.

I’m not a big fan of competition. I think it can bring out the worst in some people.

What do you do when you’re not skating?

Filming other skaters and doing behind the scene TFY work.

Any advice for beginners reading this?

Falling is inevitable. Always wear a helmet. Surround yourself with skaters with good vibes.

What do you hope to achieve in the next year?

Get an Asian downhill circuit going, get a job working in a big skate company, skate as many new hills as possible.

Watch Ching:

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