Who we are

We are a group of longboarders from Kuala Lumpur doing what we love to do best: skateboarding. Freeriding, bowl skating, downhill skateboarding we don’t discriminate as long as you love to skate. Welcome to the family.

What does TFY stand for?

Team FY, although we try not to refer to ourselves as a “team” more like a family. As for “FY” it is entirely up to your interpretation.

What’s up with the website?

We wanted to create a place for the Malaysian and Asian longboarding community to express their skate creativity. Our goal is to have content mainly contributed by the community ranging from articles, sweet pictures, rad skate videos, interviews, gear reviews, etc. Everything and anything that drives your stoke!

Can I contribute??

Hell yes you can! We are always looking for content so if you think you have something on your mind you wanna express or made a pretty cool video over the weekend, shoot an email over to us at tfyskate@gmail.com or head to the Contact Us tab on the website!


These are just some of the rad guys and girls we call our family! Check out what they have to say.