TFY Reports: Lake Gardens Outlaw DH Fest

TFY Reports: Lake Gardens DH Outlaw 2013

Speaking of outlaw events, it has been quite a while since we had an outlaw race here in Malaysia. The last outlaw event we had was the slip and slide Bukit Putus race back in October 2012. Anyway, the Lake Gardens outlaw mini DH race was a great break from the stresses of sanctioned events like the last RADJam. Pssh.

Here’s my personal account of the Lake Gardens DH Outlaw 2013.

lg banner new

The day started off pretty gloomy with a bit of rain in the morning of the event. I used my GPS to find Lake Gardens, so getting there was not a problem. After parking my car at the first empty spot I saw, I skated down to the guardhouse and stumbled upon 2 girls in 1 car. A Mini Cooper with a gigantic RedBull can on top of it, to be precise. Fun fact: This blue-canned RedBull differs from the gold-canned RedBull as it comes from Europe and contains less sugar. They also have a slightly more aggressive marketing strategy compared to the latter.

Aggressive Marketing

Anyway, they stopped at the sight of my board, and asked me the location of the event. I told them I was kinda lost. And then Hugh and Brandon from Oceanic Downhill Division (ODD) came to the rescue with their high-tech walkie-talkies and pointed me to the right direction. I pushed my way around in the wetness, looking for the exact location of the race, as the park was kinda huge.

Yep, pretty big park.

After a while of pushing around in the park and climbing a flight of stairs, I stumbled upon a bunch of people sitting around on their boards together with some non-skaters whom I assume to be the parents of some of the younger skaters there. Ta da. Here I am.

Safety Briefing

The race was carried out in two man heats, with about 20-ish riders if I’m right. After every heat, they managed to get the RedBull Mobile to skitch everyone up.

RedBull gives you wings

The weather was pretty unpredictable throughout the event, as it drizzled a bit here and there and ended in a torrent of heavy rain. However, we were granted a couple of hours of sunshine, and the ODD crew did well in maximizing this window of opportunity. I’m quite sure most, if not all, that attended the event would agree that it was a success. A short and sweet event it was.

Here are the list of winners:

1st – Tim Del Rosario
2nd – Azhani Norzaman
3rd – Harith Aiman
4th – Mior Shafiq
5th – Jes Ismail
6th – Razi Faizul

Overall, it was a chilled out event. I got to meet some new people and also the people I have not seen in a while. As Ismail said, it felt like it was sort of a high school reunion with everyone being there. Hopefully, we shall see more events from ODD in the future!

Spread the stoke guys!

Look out for the next outlaw coming up! The Library Time Attack organized by TFY will be held on the 30th of November at the secret Library spot in Shah Alam. Here’s a track preview for the next outlaw:


About the contributor:

Naqib Idris

Naqib is a struggling skater who has recently learned to do toeside checks. His next conquest would be to master the switch toeside 180. He also has a growth on his shoulder as a result of bailing into a pile of radioactive thane dust. On several occasions, people have mistaken his heavy sweating for droplets of rain during skate sessions, which is often frowned upon.


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