TFY Reports: Talegong Longboard Festival 2013

Talegong Longboard Festival 2013

Talegong Longboard Festival 2013

The Talegong Longboard Festival 2013 was held on the weekend of 14 September 2013. It was held in Talegong, Garut, in West Java. The racetrack itself is situated among the terraced hills of Talegong. Ros Fie, Adam, Farhan, and Asyraf represented Team FY in the first ever official downhill skateboarding race in Indonesia, which was organized by the good guys from Watermelon Boardshop.


Adam, Aryo and Ashraf

A total of 32 riders participated in the event. The practice and qualifying runs were held on the first day, and the race and slidejam were held on the second day of the event. The foggy conditions and unpredictable weather did interfere with the time trials and race heats, but all in all, everyone had a good bit of fun. Our very own Mr. President, Adam Akmal, managed to place 3rd among the racers in Class B. Congratulations Adam!


Mr. President

Here are the rankings for Class A, Class B, and the Slide Jam:

Class A

  • 1st – Gerard Cancio (Philippines)
  • 2nd – Paolo Villacorta (Philippines)
  • 3rd – Fadel Ramadhan (Indonesia)
  • 4th – Ros Fie (Singapore)

Class B

  • 1st – Andry Satria (Indonesia)
  • 2nd – Miko Montifar (Philippines)
  • 3rd – Adam Akmal (Malaysia)
  • 4th – Ricky Dangos (Indonesia)

Slide Jam

  • Rafi Prashpandito (Indonesia)
  • Shahir Raifuddin (Singapore)

It’s awesome to know that the South East Asian longboarding scene is getting bigger. Two more big events are coming up in the near future, for the SEA longboarding scene; the Kuala Kubu Downhill Skate Festival 2013 which is happening next month in Malaysia, and also the highly anticipated Haven’s Gate 2013 the month after in the Philippines!

Stay stoked my friends. Here are some random pictures from the trip. TFY out.








Photos courtesy of the Talegong Longboard Festival 2013 page, Soffi Gahara and Aji Agoesdji from Facebook. Random pics are from Farhan.


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