TFY Reviews: Landyachtz Fibreglass Tomahawk 39

I recently added a new family member to my quiver, and I got myself the Fibreglass Tomahawk by Landyachtz. The Tomahawk has been revamped with a shorter wheelbase, wider kicks, and a layer of fibreglass on the bottom and melamine on top to withstand some extra punishment.

I’ve always wanted a nice double-kick freeride board, so I just went ahead and bought the thing right when my salary was coming in. Oh and I would like to thank Adam and Serap for helping me out in acquiring the new deck… you guys are awesome! Alright so here’s my review of the Tomahawk 39 after using it for a month.

Out with the old…

…and in with the new Fibreglass Tomahawk!



Length: 39 inches

Width: 10 inches

Wheelbase: 25.5 inches

Construction: 7 plies of Canadian Maple with 3D Concave

I can say I was not disappointed with my latest purchase. As soon as I got the board, I examined the awesome mountain ram art graphic on the board  which was done by the German artist, Andreas Preis.

Awesome artwork by Andreas Preis

The new Tomahawk has opened new doors for me in learning tricks that require tail work, e.g.:  tiger claws, flat-tops, bluntslides, and an assortment of weird flip type tricks. Right now I’m trying to ollie with this deck as I saw a picture of Kyle Wein ollie-ing pretty high over a manhole.

I wish I could do this

The board kinda has a shape reminiscent of the Chubby Unicorn by Loaded, but the Tomahawk is slightly shorter in length. The wide 10′ platform also allowed plenty room to dance around, and since I have big feet (you know what they say about people with big feet…) it fits me snugly.

The board has sexy curves, with a mellow W concave that ends in sharp rails near the edges of the board to ensure minimum slippage when holding out slides. Also, it’s symmetrical so it feels the same when ridden either way. Hurrah!

The deck features wheel flares to reduce/eliminate wheel bite. I set up my Tomahawk with fairly loose 180mm Paris trucks without any riser pads and some classic Abec 11 Freerides and I don’t have any issues with wheel-bite. I have also tried putting on fresh new Flashbacks on my setup and I don’t get any wheelbite either.

Some people have complained about the slight flex the board gives, but I don’t really mind it though. I find the tiny bit of flex quite interesting, and it makes the board feel livelier. Landy rider Elena Corrigall had “fixed” the flex issue by chopping her deck and shortening down the wheelbase a tiny bit. She won Whistler 2013 with the damn thing too.

Elena on the Podium with her Chopped Tomahawk

On the other side of things however, I was hoping that the Tomahawk was a tad bit lighter. It’s not THAT much of an issue but considering it had a freestyle shape, I thought it would be a bit lighter. Besides that, there isn’t really much to complain about. I was quite happy with my purchase and the deck managed to get me stoked on freeriding again. Woop.

Alright, time to get that ollie down.

I apologize for the lack of pictures of me on my Tomahawk. Ching has been breathing down my neck to complete this review. Hi Ching!


About the contributor:

Naqib Idris

Naqib Idris

Naqib is a struggling skater who is currently trying to learn to do toeside checks. He also has a growth on his shoulder as a result of bailing into a pile of radioactive thane dust. On several occasions, people have mistaken his heavy sweating for droplets of rain during skate sessions, which is often frowned upon.


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