Interview: Adam Sharizman

ManuIn case you haven’t heard, there is gonna be another rad race coming up in Malaysia sometime in October. If you don’t know the mastermind behind it well here’s your chance.

We had a quick chat with Adam Sharizman over the world wide web to get to know a little about him and what’s going on with his KKB Skate Fest.

Yo Mosby, tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m just a guy with curly hair trying to get past psychology, being distracted with skating, guitar and cooking.

How long have you been skating?

Been skating for like 6 years now but truly delved into it the past 2.

What made you take longboarding a little more seriously?

Friends around my area helped push me to where I am now. I’d say it’s 40% friends and 60% the feel of skating. It’s like flying.

Papan Panjang

Pix by Papan Panjang

What’s your current favourite setup for flying?

Any 34”, 26”+ wheelbase board (Earthwing Hoopty, Topspeed next) with a pair of Ronins and some ABEC 11 for slides and definitely Sector 9 DH wheels.

Can you tell us a little bit about the Malaysian longboarding scene?

Kindda funny cuz I rarely do much sliding so I rarely join sessions with people. But the scene here has grown the past two years and so many awesome people has come and gone. Though I’d say there’s room to grow.

That’s very anti social of you!

Yea, my parents told me I’m anti social!

Are there many longboarding events in Malaysia?

There are but very few in between. I’d say there were more in the 2012 season. Mainly because Jungleskate LB/Boomslang and a few others did a lot of sessions and comps last year.

Rumour has it you are organising a race in a few months? Can you tell us abit about that.

Oh yeah! I’m pretty excited about it! It’s essentially a race set out at one of our local sliding/freeriding runs, Kuala Kubu Bharu Freeride. Gnarly track with like… I dunno. Huge gradients and gnarly corners coupled with a tight road. Set out on the 19th and 20th October this year. All is well.


Is this the first time you are organising a longboard event?

Well not really. I did an amateur event at Bukit Tunku and an outlaw at Bukit Putus last year. But it is my first official event!

What are some of the things you’ve learned from those events? Anything you wish you could have done better?

I love it when communities get together for a common cause. It was amazing meeting all the people and just watching them travel so far just to skate. I should’ve definitely put more effort into the events. Working alone is not fun at all though so many helped out in the end. Wish I could treat everyone with more hospitality though but was too busy checking up everything in my checklist.

Bukit Putus 2012. Pix by Michelle Tan

Bukit Putus 2012. Pix by Michelle Tan

Wait, is this a one man show?

Well, not really. I’m partnering up with Dennis the luger for most of the nitty details.

How is it going so far and what have some of the challenges been with getting the race together?

So far it’s going great! Sponsor responses are mixed but we have quite a good number of supporters and I really hope we get loads of participants! Otherwise a lot of aspects are slightly dependent on other people’s responses.

The riders at Bukit Tunku Outlaw 2012

The riders at Bukit Tunku Outlaw 2012

What kind of response are you expecting/hoping for?

A lot of participants show up! Would love to unite everyone in an event. The stoke you get off that knowing everyone’s under one roof, united despite personal differences is amazing!

Who are some of the sponsors so far?


I would like to thank Selaju Boardshop, Wheel Love Skateshop, Spitfire Skateshop, Daddies Board Shop, Wildantz Skateboards, Original Skateboards, Bastl Longboards, Arbor Skateboards, RAD Wheels, Concrete Wave Magazine, Longboarding for Peace foundation and Roofies Safety Ambassador for providing us with sponsorship, My Life On Board for media coverage and definitely TFY Skate for providing support!

It really means a lot.

How can I register?

Well you can obtain your registration form here:

Imagine you’re pitching the race to an international rider. Tell me what I can expect at your race.

The track itself is a HUGE turnon! Imagine sliding but never stopping. It’s INSANE. This track is so far out the city, you’ll experience much of what Malaysia’s about:

Skating a small road in the middle of nowhere with your buddies overlooking a beautiful lake surrounded by very friendly locals and definitely, great food (Working on that). Besides, the track itself is near two other downhill tracks and you have two days to explore them all and soak yourself in a river after.

Also, slide jam at a section of the track where sliding doesn’t stop you.

Unexpected visitors sometimes show up at events. Pix by Michelle Tan

Unexpected visitors sometimes show up at events. Pix by Michelle Tan

Where do you see the Malaysian longboarding scene in the future? Can we expect more legit events and more skaters popping up?

I see it remaining almost the same in terms of size mainly due to the fact that gear is still very expensive to obtain for us mortals. But also, we need more exposure of the sport in and of Malaysia itself, more competitions and a bit more innate motivation to really dwelve into the lifestyle.

Because of that, we can definitely expect more leit events and concurrently, more skaters. Ergo, vis a vis, I’m just adding words to make me sound cool.

Other than the KKB Freeride race, do you have any secret projects you’re working on?

I’ve got them in my head. Expect old race tracks to make its comeback!

Any shoutouts or thank yous?

BIG Shoutout to my partner, Dennis (Zen) for hooking me up with a lot of the things I would’ve missed out otherwise, Anna Kager for the poster(s), my own skate crew, the Puchong kids for pushing me to keep pushing myself (These fuckers are relentless. I got injured because of dumb ego dares!), ALL the supporters of my event, ALL my sponsors for sure, My Life On Board and definitely TFY Skate!

Fuck yea Puchong kids! Thanks Mosby and good luck with the race! Got any cool links you wanna share with us before you go?

lol just kidding, don’t go there. Go here:

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For more information on Adam’s KKB Skate Fest, check out the details on our Local Events page!


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